Message in a Bottle

Dear Earthlings,

I have been watching your show now for 20 seasons, so I am up to year 2001, and wow! My friends and I here on Planet Star 1465 in the Midwest Galaxy are huge fans. We are quite enjoying watching all the servant humans make small victories towards realizing their true powers. We are told by our parents that our society was once as primal as yours before harnessing our dormant senses and knowledge that revealed us to be wizards. What I don’t understand is how the master humans keep showing you your capabilities and the truths of your world in motion pictures, books, music, and animation yet you continue to follow the gossip and chatter or as you call it News to form your belief system. Here on PS 1465 we are taught at an early age to follow our intuition towards positive and to avoid negative as means to survive. Every day we watch so many servant humans experience intuitive notions, yet they choose to continue following the negative. It is very puzzling and though we understand it makes for interesting observation on our part, does it hurt having to deny your natural instincts? Do servant humans want to serve the master humans? Why are 99% of human’s servants and just 1% are masters, especially when the 1% appear to be so despicable? And why do servant humans only listen to master humans when there’s so many other servant humans who appear to know and share the truths of the Earth Show? We have many questions and are rooting for the servant humans to take over Earth and make it good. My mom says when that happens, we can come visit there and servant humans will be allowed to visit here and learn from us. She also told me that since the master humans trick the servant humans into hating differences, until they overcome that they would likely not be peaceful towards us since we look so different. My friends and I have bets on the 2012 Mayan calendar hoax. There is no way that the servant humans will continue to believe anything that the master humans say after nothing catastrophic happens. I am certain one of the smart servant humans will tell the others that long ago the Mayan humans were tracking their own days, recording history just as they do as modern humans. I mean it’s one thing that the master humans have fooled the servant humans into thinking there are no other places or people beside themselves and earth, but to fool them into thinking people from the past spent their time thinking about people in the future is making me question the validity of the show. Is this for real or for ratings? I do not want any spoilers of course, but I am curious, how do the masters explain ancient language translation to the servants when they dismiss all other notions that ancient civilizations were of equal intelligence? Well I have so many questions, so if this message in a bottle makes it to Earth and a human is reading this please learn about meditation and then relay the answers telepathically to me there, don’t worry I’ll get them.


Your Biggest Fan

(we do not have names here lol, so silly)

P.S. My favorite Earth Show episode was watching the servant humans watch the Truman Show motion picture. It was so trippy how they still do not know even after seeing it for themselves.

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