5 Shortcuts to Meditating

You don’t have to make a monk level of commitment to become a great meditator. In fact you have a higher potential for bliss having survived your stressful, fast-paced life amidst this chaotic work-hard, play-hard society. Nothing against monks, we are all navigating through our birth cultures to achieve our idea of pure bliss.

These 5 methods you will assist you with quickly achieving meditation.

1Guided Meditations

Beginners, busy minds, and those with high stress levels will enjoy the ease that recorded guided meditations provide as it instructs and leads you into a meditative state. In time you’ll be able to abandon the recording and easily meditate on your own. Youtube, Apple Music, and other many apps offer a variety of options. Find one that resonates with you.

Dozing off to a sleep meditation can also make for pleasant and memorable dreams.

2Counting Breaths

There are many breathwork techniques that include breathing in patterns, observing the top or bottom of the inhale or exhale, observing the pause in-between or turn of the breath, or just simply counting your breaths. The goal is to free up mind space as you focus on just one task thus making it easier to transition into an empty mind once you allow your body to take over the task of breathing.

This is not the best technique for OCD prone minds 


Moving mediation also known as a flow state is yang whereas resting mediation is yin. With this concept in mind yoga assists one with achieving balance both physically and spiritually. Anyone at any fitness level can do yoga, you don’t have to be a twenty-something female with expensive leggings and a rockin bod, but don’t be surprised if you end up with a more youthful, attractive appearance after learning a practice of your own. There is an abundance of yoga lessons led by professionals available on Youtube and many other apps. Find a flow/routine fits your needs.

Practicing yoga in a group or a class setting harnesses a collective harmonic energy that boosts good vibes


Mainstream medicine has made many of us fearful of needles, however Acupuncture needles are not comparable to shot needles. They are painless with a diameter as thin as a strand of hair and act as mini lightning rods directing energy along the inner circuits and channels of your body. Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine know how to customize a treatment designed especially for you that will harness healing energy felt in both mind and body. Acupuncture needles remain inserted for 15-45 minutes, during this time amazing meditative states are reported by patients who have never even meditated before. You’re likely to feel like you’re floating or you’ll end up falling asleep; it’s a very enjoyable experience. There is typically is cost associated with Acupuncture though it’s becoming a more commonly covered service thru insurance or HSA accounts.

Deep breathing during needle insertion will ease your fears and relax your body

5Float Tank

Also known as sensory deprivation, floating in naturally sterile, salt rich water kept at skin temperature is somewhat of a luxury, however you can usually find a groupon deal for float therapy. Float spas keep their water so salty and buoyant that you float effortlessly just like those fortunate enough to have vacationed at the Dead Sea. You enjoy weightlessness which is a well-needed break from gravity freeing your body and mind from external stimulation. Many people who have experienced a float session describe it as life-changing, euphoric, and the moment in which they met their inner self as well as jump starting their meditation practice.

Use earplugs and be sure to go in with a dry face and hairline to avoid salt dripping to your eyes