How to Find Peace in the Chaos

Society is changing. As a group of minds that together create intentions also called the collective consciousness we are experiencing the manifestations that years of a fear driven culture has led us to. The news and social media feel more powerful than ever and is shaping the reality for many who continue to respond in auto-pilot mode to “what’s going on.” Much of what we’re experiencing feels traumatic and beyond our individual control, however we each have the power of free-will to choose a new path that shapes our reality. So how do you find peace amongst the chaos? Below are 3 steps to get you started:


Understand that everything you observe becomes a part of you and helps form your beliefs that manifests your reality. Your free-will includes control to embrace and further energize what you’re exposed to. With this in mind, meditate, reflect, and journal upon all of the ways that you get information. Dismiss theories and stories told out of cultural expectations and civil duties. This is about taking control of your life and being the best you so dive deep into what you are personally experiencing. Try living without the daily broadcasted news, social media, or conversations that don’t serve you. You’ll find that without much effort, that you still get the information that truly affects you and you’ll remain adequately informed as you navigate through your daily life.

What to Watch

Gaia is a an add-on channel to Amazon Prime that offers a free trial. You’re sure to find something inspiring in this collection of alternative, ancient and new age content that will expand your awareness.


There are many versions of history and explanations to the curiosities of the world that differ from what you have been taught. Many scholars and respected professionals dedicate their work to presenting the alternative storylines that you won’t see on the news or mainstream media programming who cater their messaging to appease advertisers and affiliates. With the mature mind you now have coupled with a child-like curiosity, explore the endless body of knowledge at your fingertips and expose yourself to information that resonates with you and is relevant to your individual life. In meditation, do a mental full body scan and ask your higher self what do I need to know? Asking the powers of the universe to reveal answers with pure intentions in your heart often results in clues appearing and making sense of past questions of “why?”

Try these KEYWORDS to find curiosity probing content when searching Netflix, podcast, or YouTube:

Secrets, Disclosure, Ancient, Conspiracy Theory, Aliens, Cosmic, Metaphysics, Mystery, Holistic, Health, Nutrition, Astrology, Consciousness, Law of Attraction, Time Travel


It’s inevitable that no matter how hard you try to avoid negativity you will continue to observe discussions and behavior that have you feeling low vibrations; this is necessary in life. Being human, experiencing or being exposed to low frequencies enables you to identify high frequency energy that paves a path for you to follow your passions that lead to your life purpose and highest bliss. Understand that nothing happens to you; instead everything happens for you. Every dark experience includes a moment of brightness. With this in mind shifting your perspective to see a silver lining in every situation and a solution to every problem becomes possible.

Energy Matching and Telepathic Healing are two techniques that can shift negative to positive.

Energy Matching

A 3 step emotional intelligence that with awareness and good intentions can turn nearly every conversation into a productive one.

1. Acknowledge pain– I understand, you’re dealing with a lot

2. Encourage strength– it’s inspiring how well you’re handling this

3. Energize problem solvingHave you researched holistic approaches?

Telepathic Healing

The action item for sending good vibes. Your mind and beliefs are powerful and your aura radiates energy that carries your processed thoughts into the universe of existence. Imagine those who are in pain, healed; envision their DNA activating a cure and illness leaving their body. See them as healthy and vibrant and telling their story of recovery, survival, and victory. Consider vocalizing this healing vision if it feels right.


Filtering out low vibes, exploring alternatives, and shifting frequencies are 3 steps that will jumpstart your journey to finding peace in chaos. Through it all meditation is your best tool.

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