Everything you need is already within you.

Unlock your full potential with meditation.

Your brain is a command center driven by your spiritual self. Societal structure has kept you suppressed to use only 10% of your brain. Meditation enhances the majestic energy encompassed within the 90%.

By meditating together during this time of increased cosmic energy, we will shift the collective consciousness and activate the dormant powers that exist within each person.

Follow your curiosity, question everything you’ve learned thus far, and seek the knowledge that serves you and your life purpose.

Meditation Made Easy…

I close my eyes when I’m in a peaceful space and direct my vision upwards to my 3rd eye. After a few minutes I began to see colors and moving geometry. I resist the urge to focus with my physical vision knowing that I will have an understanding of what I seen when I return to my physical senses and continue to relax. If a thought, noise, or itch distracts me I observe it and let it go. I then easily return to the geometric color show. This can go on for 3 minutes or 3 hours. I don’t always get the meditation I want but I get the meditation I need. -experienced meditator